Monday, March 18, 2013

canyon drive

On our way to Bryce Canyon from Salt Lake City, we came to an actual fork in the road (well, an off ramp on the highway): we could either stick to Interstate 15 and make good time or take the slightly longer route on Hwy 89 that snaked through the canyons north of Bryce Canyon. Taking the interstate had its advantages; we would be a major highway with rest stops and gas stations, and we would know exactly where we were going and how long it would take to get there. Highway 89 was twisty and fairly remote, only passing through one town and then continuing on through the unknown until it reconnected with 15 just north of our destination.

I think you can guess which path we chose.

This drive was one of the best surprises of our trip. We came across a small abandoned farm and met some of the locals.

If you're ever on a road trip, I highly recommend taking a slightly less direct route. Interstates are great, but cruising down a two lane highway in the middle of a gorge is better.

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