Monday, March 11, 2013

inspired by: Miranda July

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 As I work on my movement piece project (I posted a bit about it here) I appreciate artists like Miranda July, who I've always admired, for making her own art on her own terms. One look at her website introduces you into her outlook on her creative process. Her films, performances, and art are woven together by the desire to simultaneously connect with others on a genuine level while celebrating one's own personal voice.

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Sometimes it is difficult to explain to people (especially in LA) that I consider myself an actor but am not currently going on any auditions. To some, it seems less legitimate to create your own art, film, or theatre piece than to participate in the expected way of becoming an actor. And when I try to describe exactly the kind of art I'm creating, things only get more complicated and my legitimacy seems to plummet.

Thankfully, I have some solid friends and fellow artists who support me 100%, understand what I'm doing, and are excited for me. Yesterday, I was texting with a far away best friend, who wrote: "I am so proud of you for doing your own thing." I am always thankful to hear simple words like that.

This little compilation "Don't Give Up": 20 lessons for creatives from Miranda July has a few pearls of wisdom in it (even if you'd rather pursue science or technology or accounting). Mostly, she just inspires me to do my own work and not to worry if it doesn't fit neatly into a category.

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