Wednesday, July 3, 2013

top of the tower

On our way up to Big Sur a few weeks ago, we stopped to have dinner in Santa Barbara and knew we had to come back and stay longer than a meal (& brought guests-- Santa Barbara is a great place to impress loved ones visiting in the LA area). A friend of mine recommended seeing the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, sometimes called the most beautiful public building in the country. I have plenty of inside photos to share, too, but these are from our ascent to the top of the clock tower, where you can soak in some seriously amazing views (even if it is mostly cloudy).

The mountains & ocean are still be beautiful, even covered in low-lying clouds. Santa Barbara feels so European to me, with its red roofs, homes built into the hillsides, and quaint downtown plazas. I imagine going to UC- Santa Barbara seems like four years of studying abroad!

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  1. from your photos, it reminds me a lot of granada, spain (only a bit greener, as granada is pretty dense like other similar euro cities and we like our lawns in america).