Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY : bleached tie dye jeans

 In my high school Advanced Chemistry class, the pinnacle of the year was Tie Dye Day. At the end of the semester, everyone brought in various white items and tie dyed them while learning the chemistry behind the process. Most people brought in t-shirts, some got a little crazy and brought in socks. What did I bring to tie dye?

Pants. White, cotton, high waisted, slighly tapered, pants.

That style is kinda trendy now. Trust me, it was NOT trendy then.

I haven't changed my style much since high school I guess, because when I saw the tie dye denim tutorial on Honestly...WTF I instantly wanted to try it on an old pair of jeans that I had. Old habits "dye" hard (ha!).

This DIY doesn't have full instructions, because I copied the Honestly...WTF DIY Tie Dye Denim instructions almost exactly (I kinda forgot to rinse my jeans after taking them didn't seem to make a difference in the jeans, but the attempted shorts have no "after" picture for a reason--gross brownish bleach stains! gross.). Also, my advice would be to wrap your garment as tightly as possible. I love the way my jeans turned out, but they are just toeing the line of too much bleach.

  I still have my tie dye pants from chemistry class--I'll have to take some photos in them sometime to show you guys!


  1. You did this very well!! :) Looks great!

  2. They turned out great!

    xo Jennifer