Tuesday, October 9, 2012

male birthday party inspiration

In two weeks my incredibly wonderful boyfriend Dane will be celebrating his birthday. I've been scouting inspiration to make his party truly special, since fall stubbornly refuses to land in LA, robbing him of his beloved October colors and weather. Sometimes it's tricky to throw a male-driven birthday party (lots of decorations and treats seem a little too girly or too child-like) so I'm taking some of these ideas and applying them in very small doses. We still want a casual, invite-friends-over vibe rather than a full themed party. The last thing a guy wants on his birthday is more cupcake toppers and bunting than booze and food.

I love that this black & white theme from the mavens at A Beautiful Mess can be a nod to Halloween without being a full-blown costume party. Also, I really want to make those chocolate covered potato chips!

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls from smitten kitchen instead of birthday cake? I'm sold (I'm not a big fan of big cakes).

Of course, a celebratory Moscow Mule is in order!

And the birthday boy will need a crown! I could go classic...
note: this is a product photo, not my boyfriend
...or contemporary.

That's the beginning of my brainstorming session...it seems so difficult to find ideas for men that aren't childish or heavily sports related. I'll be sure to share photos of the finished product Dane's big day!

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