Tuesday, September 11, 2012

is this heaven? no, it's iowa

Photo 1 of MANY taken with the self-timer
I used to live just across the Mississippi from Iowa. It's a lot like southern Wisconsin, I think: rolling hills, pastures, farms, small to medium-sized town exits peppering the interstate. It's interesting how mythical states like Iowa and Wisconsin can become to people who grow up on the coasts--in movies, that "small town character" that acts as a foil to the jaded, city-wise NYC/LA character is often from Iowa or Wisconsin. Ok, so I'm mostly thinking of "The Prince and Me" because I always pictured the writers' meeting going something like this: "Hmmm, what's the complete opposite of a wealthy royal prince?...a girl from Wisconsin!"

I had never been to Des Moines though, and I was pleasantly surprised. After staying the night with a childhood partner-in-crime, we spent a little time at the capital building, and it looked lovely and golden in the morning light. A golden ear of corn maybe? Eh?

The statues' silhouettes looking toward downtown are telling us (but not the original settlers of Des Moines) to keep going west!

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