Tuesday, September 18, 2012

welcome to the west

Our stop in Cheyenne was short and spontaneous, but I'm sure glad we spent some time walking around their little downtown area. When I say little, I mean little-- just a few blocks (that I could tell). It was a preview of the wide uninhabited expanses that Wyoming would later show us to see the center of the capital and largest city (geography lesson) contained in an area smaller than my Chicago neighborhood.

There was something strange about Cheyenne, too--but I mean this in a good way! Of course, the downtown had plenty of Western emporiums/ Cowboy gear & paraphernalia, along with some very cool retro signs. Maybe I'm used to seeing the chintzy or touristy version of "Western Style" so the authentic thing felt strangely foreign to me. I was almost mesmerized looking around at the shops, signs, and scenery.

Aren't these handmade moccasins beautiful? I definitely regret not buying a pair!
The scenery in Cheyenne was refreshing after the endless hours of nothingness in Nebraska. Cheyenne made it feel like we had made it to an entirely different part of the country than I am familiar with, and it definitely whetted my appetite for more.

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  1. This little town looks really cute! I am absolutely in love with those hand made moccasins, they are so beautiful! I also love that you created a travel section of your blog, I really need to work on sections for mine! Hope you're having a beautiful day!
    xo Hannah