Thursday, September 13, 2012

one horse town

The dreaded Drive Through Nebraska has plagued cross-country motorists and their passengers since the interstate system was built. Nebraska is always larger than you think it will be, and if you're taking I-90 straight through, plan on being in Nebraska for about 9+ hours. To try to break up the flat cornfield monotony, we made the only planned-in-advance food stop at the Green Apple Cafe in Cozad, NE (more on that in a special post about our food stops).

This is the only street in Cozad (beside the two cross streets, one which runs to that feed mill in the background, and the other which runs to the highway).

As you can see, the temperature was 102. Still, we took a quick walk after lunch to the end of the street and back & found two photo ops, which is a pretty good ratio for one road.

We ended up seeing quite a few cool old marquees on our trip--enough that I'm planning an entire future post on them. Most of them were still open & operating, too, but not the Rialto in Cozad.

There was also this great mural along the road-that-ran-to-the-highway. Maybe it's because I watch too much Parks & Rec these days, but I love murals like this-- they cram in all the important historical events and industries that led to the rise of a town. Thanks to this mural, I can tell you that Cozad was economically boosted by livestock and a local train depot. There's your history lesson for the day.

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