Friday, September 21, 2012

let's build a fort

I visited my sister in Fort Collins, CO, last summer, and was so excited to go back for a couple days during our trip! FC has the cutest downtown area (locals will call it "Old Town") that's chock full of restaurants, bars, & shops--I don't think I saw a single empty storefront. There's also some great sculptures & public art, like this bear friend.

Fort Collins has this cool ongoing public piano project--local artists paint pianos under a little outside tent in Old Town and the pianos are placed around the city (or at least, in the area). Anyone can play them, and lots of people do! It's so cute to see kids pounding out "Frere Jaques" or laughing adults struggling through "Heart & Soul". Dane decided to play a little tune for me :)

Of course, we had to get some ice cream at Walrus (ok, maybe it was more than once...). My sister is the master of trip planning, so we packed in lots of great restaurants, the ghost tour, Horsetooth Resevoir (I'll have a separate post on that!) during our two day stay. It was nice to stay somewhere for more than a night, and gave us a break from driving every day!

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  1. so happy you could squeeze in a few days in the fort! but you forgot to mention lucille's!