Sunday, June 24, 2012

let's go antiquing

Yes, "antiquing" does sound like an activity more suited for retirees or hipsters, and I don't consider myself either. Antiques sound old and breakable and fussy. I will watch a qualified person appraise them on television, but they don't always fit my asthetic.  I do, however, appreciate cool things ("probably because you're cool!" is what you're thinking). And I've found that a lot of places one would visit while "antiquing" contain many cool things that are not automatically associated with dust. So on a sunny Saturday, Dane & I took a little cross-town trip to the Randolph Street Market to find cool things. It was a pretty successful window shopping endeavor.

 I would love to get an old wall map of the USSR & hang it like Rachel did! A folksy Russian/Soviet influence seems to be creeping into my style lately...I wonder why...

Retro specs make me feel like a librarian.

Dane even found a great shirt for our move-- "Living in LA--Be Ready!" Apparently this t-shirt company is trying to warn us about LA's rampant violence (how else would you explain a dog owning three guns in his bullet hole-ridden living room?).

It's funny how places like this can make me think, "ooh! I need a colorful yardstick!"

I should have taken a picture of a set of 1960's swimsuits that were by far my favorite items at the market. We had so much fun browsing through all of the vintage clothes, items, knickknacks, memorabilia, handmade jewelry and furniture, that we didn't even mind waiting over 20 minutes for the bus too much.At least there was some shade.

What a perfect summer day!

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  1. you are so pretty. and i want that trunk of maps SO HARD.