Friday, June 8, 2012

minor obsessions: water sign

Happy Friday dear readers! Has this week felt long to anyone else? I found myself frequently forgetting what day it was and needing the weekend as far back as Wednesday. I haven't had much time recently to browse the internet, but I have been noticing a water motif in the pictures and items I'm clicking and pinning. My astrological sign, Scorpio, is a water sign, so maybe my stars are just acting up.

I would love to jump off a small cliff into a lagoon at some point in my life...I also think a photo of me *gracefully* leaping into some clear blue water would be a great header image for this blog!

This is a sneak peak of some of the stunning artwork you will see if you head over to Cheri Lee Charlton's exhibition at Swim Cafe this month! Browse her gor-ge-ous work here!

 I would probably end up drinking this Prosecco Sangria like it was water.

 This Holding Hands print by artist Laura Berger currently sits upon our mantle, and I can't wait to give it a more permanent frame and place once we move.

 Saltwater Sandals are the more fashionable alternative to "land & sea" shoes. They're rumored to be very high quality and oh so comfortable--they also have sizes for ages 0-100 (sorry, 101 yr olds). Me want.

I have a pretty big day ahead of me tomorrow that involves brunch and a matinee movie, and a whole weekend of performances. I also have a few upcoming DIYs for you that I'm pretty excited about! TGIF people!


  1. mmm, that sangria looks like nectar of the gods! xx

  2. I'm dying for saltwater sandals! the red ones are amazing!! :)

  3. i have the yellow saltwaters and they are the most comfy sandals...just wish we could have some sun here in the uk so i could wear them again! I love that cute holding hands print.. so lovely!:)Rachel