Sunday, June 17, 2012

thanks, Dad

Took me fishing. Hand-built our treehouse. Dispensed countless historical trivia. Killed the spiders in the outhouse when we went camping, because I was afraid of them. Cooked us fried balogna sandwiches. Taught me how to shoot a free throw, swing a bat, drive a car, drive a boat, filet a fish, and pitch a tent. Let us jump on top of him and hang from his arms. Drove us on road trips to see the country. Cheered me on at every track and swim meet, basketball, softball, and soccer game. Came to see my plays and musicals and concerts. Got angry when I hit a tree with the riding lawn mower (twice). Didn't flinch when I changed my major from physics to environmental science to a double in theatre and anthropology. Played nintendo with us, and always jumped to his death down the hole that we claimed was a "secret world" (I'm sure he actually caught on to our ruse pretty quickly and still jumped).  Loves to wear Notre Dame, UWM, Tulane, and Colorado State gear to show how proud he is of his kids.

How can one man know so much about fishing, camping, basketball, baseball, swimming, running, building, fixing, history, literature, math, science, and any other category that could come up on Jeopardy?

Happy Father's Day to all fathers, and especially mine. Because of him I love being active and the outdoors. I love studying and learning and doing crossword puzzles. I love spending time with the people that mean the world to me. I may get most of my personality traits from my mom, but I get most of my interests from my dad (yes, he was even in a "play" once--he was picked out of the crowd to play King Arthur at Epcot Center, and he would  l o v e  to tell you about how much it embarrassed us kids at the time).

I love you, and thanks for everything, Dad.

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