Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY: arrowhead wire ring

Hello friends! Today I'm going to share with you how I made this simple arrowhead ring. The "arrowhead" I used is actually a spearhead that I made myself in an Archaeology class. The class spent time in the Neolithic Lab making stone tools--higher education at its finest. So, after some time banging two stones together, I emerged with this not-to-shabby spearhead. It could probably pierce something with no fur or feathers (human?) and was able to slice my finger. Don't worry, I dulled the edges for this project.

You will need: heavy scissors or wire cutter, jewelry wire (this was leftover, so I'm not sure what the thickness was--could bend with a little pressure but sturdy enough to hold your bauble in place), arrowhead/spearhead/cool gem or rock

Cut a length of wire about ten inches long. Loosely wrap the wire around the finger of your choice, leaving at least 3 inches on one side and the rest of the wire on the other. With the longer side, wrap around your finger again, weaving in and out of the first loop. Slide the loop off of your finger. Press the stone to the top of the wire and firmly wrap the stone until it feels very secure. I wrapped the wire around as well as wove through already wrapped pieces, and tried to find some natural grooves in the rock that would provide more of a grip. You can also use a dab of glue on the underside for extra hold. Tuck the ends of the wires in so they don't catch on your clothing!

I loved how this ring turned out! After all the wrapping, it ended up fitting a little snug, but I can always wear it on a different finger. Or maybe I just worked so hard, my fingers were swelling. But I'm glad I can display this spearhead I made instead of burying it in a sad little bowl on my vanity.

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  1. Awesome ring!

    xo Jennifer