Monday, June 11, 2012

over the weekend

How was everyone's weekend? I have to brag, mine was pretty fantastic. Dane & I went down to the South Loop for brunch at a diner called White Palace (it's been featured on Diner's, Drive-In's, & Dives) that is famous for its chicken & waffles. I'm the type of person that can never decide between sweet or savory for brunch, so I'm glad this dish provides an out for me.

After brunch, we hit up the movie theater nearby for a matinee. I love matinees; there's just something transportive and magical about sitting in the dark, cool theater for a few hours, immersing yourself in a movie, and then re-emerging into the bright daylight. This matinee was doubly great because we had some free movie passes to redeem AND needed an air-conditioned escape. It was hot as the dickens outside (do people still say that? do people under 65 still say that?).

Along the way, we snapped a few photos on the bridge over the river.

I'm not much of an outfit poster (I never know how to pose!) but I wanted to share this romper I bought last fall. The weather hadn't been warm enough to wear it yet--the poor thing had to hang in my closet all winter. I love its tiny polka dots!

romper: vintage; purse: Target; ring: vintage; sunglasses: vintage
 Bring on the work week!

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