Thursday, May 31, 2012

heartland cafe

I absolutely love eating outside. Food just tastes better. Maybe this stems from my family eating outside fairly often in the summer when I was younger. Maybe the long midwestern winters make me want to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors once the weather shifts. I'm not going to Freud myself too deeply on this, it is what it is. Restaurant patios, picnics by the lake, eating Taco Bell on a park bench (yes I have done this sober, in the daylight), I love it all. I don't even mind if a few bugs pass through, unless they are spiders. Spiders are the devil and ruin everything! But I didn't spot a single spider while at the Heartland Cafe, and fear usually heightens my senses whenever they're near.

This cafe has more to offer than just being spider-free. I had passed by this winter and noticed the sensational patio, but made a note to return once I could actually take advantage of said patio. Dane reminded me of this recently and suggested that we go there for brunch. The reviews on Yelp are fairly split, but since I had such wonderful memories of driving past that patio and since Yelp reviews are I was still excited to go.

Heartland Cafe is in the Roger's Park neighborhood, which is a very cute area with a cool small-town vibe that I don't visit very often due to the fact it is so far north in the city. But it has some great murals, artwork, shops, and cafes.

The entrance of the cafe is a little general store, with some cute items. Of course, Dane was drawn to the record bin--Linda Ronstadt looks great in those socks & roller skates! On the culinary side, the breakfast potatoes were to die for, and my spinach & cream cheese omlette was pr-e-tty darn tasty, too.

Wisconsin Union posters!

Sometimes it's nice to take a little trip to a new neighborhood--sometimes I forget how many different areas there are in Chicago! Maybe I should make a goal to visit some new ones before I move...if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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