Sunday, May 6, 2012

on a dark & stormy night...

Here it is! My first blog post! Born on a stormy day in Chicago, with HGTV in the background and a few half-completed (ok, I'm being generous) craft projects lying around my apartment. Blogging has always seemed a bit glamorous to me--look at all of those perfect outfits! and chic rooms! and cookies that would never stick to the pan!--but I'm going to set my sights a bit lower. "Realistic" if you prefer.

I never really kept a diary.
Or a scrapbook.
Or taken a lot of photos.
But I want to, really I do! This blog will be a place where I push myself to capture the little & large moments of my life. I hope it becomes a place of inspiration for myself & my readers!

Thank you for visiting! Welcome!

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