Friday, May 18, 2012

minor obsessions : summer is coming

With gorgeous weather & the NATO summit in town, it seems like a holiday weekend! The sun is shining and it isn't too humid. People are enjoying themselves on patios and in the park. Also, this whole city smells like a grill, in a good way. I don't know how that's possible--is it National Grilling Day? A City-wide BBQ? Are city officials pumping the national scent of the American summer into the air just for this occasion? It may forever be a mystery.

This sunhat from ModCloth is perfect--not too big & floppy (I want to be able to see!), but with a large enough brim to keep sun damage at bay.
I am eating this vegan ice cream as I write this post (only sans chocolate chips...I didn't have any handy). It is so, so, SO, so good. And the velvety texture is to die for! Next time I'm including the chocolate though :)
Dressing like a hippie is much easier in the summer, because you can't be mistaken for a bag lady. This maxi dress is incredibly light & gorgeous (also, was that girl on ANTM??).
In preparation for the Avengers, we watched Thor a few weeks ago, and I was drooling over the spacescapes. Now I really want this cosmic print skirt (and Charlotte from So In Carmel makes it look so cool!).

The wooden sunglasses they make over at Tumbleweeds will always be on my wishlist until I am responsible enough not to break or lose every pair of sunglasses I own.

I hope you can get out and enjoy this lovely weather! I am thinking of having a happy hour for one (Dane is out of town for the weekend) and mixing myself a little cocktail to sip on the back porch...

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  1. "if you open the windows you can feel a nice breeze!" -mom