Monday, May 14, 2012

superdawg drive-in

The forecast for this week has my spirits high--it looks like above 65 degree temperatures are here to stay for a few months, and I've been craving a road trip. Since the big road adventure (our move to Los Angeles) will be happening at the end of the summer, until then I'll have to settle for something closer that still feels like a getaway. Superdawg, I'm looking at you.

This place is a Chicago institution. The location on Milwaukee Ave (pics below--the one above is at the location in the 'burbs) has been there since 1948! It's so cute--you drive in, pick a parking spot, and service comes right to your window. And boy, are their hot dogs good (and their fries...and shakes...and probably everything else. I better try it all to make sure.).

Unfortunately these photos are not recent--the one above is from a year or so ago & the one below are from Dane's birthday trip last fall. But unless the weather goes back to cold & windy, I won't rest until I kick off my summer with a Superdawg.

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